59 Years Old Man Finds $3.7 Million Dollars in His Mother’s Fridge !

59 Years Old Man Finds $3.7 Million Dollars in His Mother’s Fridge !

There’s Probably Cash Hidden in Your Walls , Fridge. Here’s How to Find it !

If your home was inherited or for other reasons came with things already in it, search through those Fridge . A few years ago Michael Rorrer found near $3.7 million in his Mother’s Fridge at home of his deceased great aunt in Martinsville, Virginia.

Even if you thought the Fridge shelves were empty when you moved in, sometimes there are things at the back which can’t be easily seen. And poke around for secret hiding places. I once cut a hole above the door inside a closet, stashed cash inside, and covered it with a white panel that looked just like the wall. Yes, if I had died young there would have been some treasures to find.

another story about Michael Rorrer  is a 61 years old man that works part time as a substitute teacher. his dream was to reunite with his son that worked in Germany and can’t afford to visit him with his wife and daughters. Michael went to see his Mum as he do every Sunday , and while waiting in the living room he started thinking of his son and starts to cry . A little tired and admittedly a bit depressed, Michael ‘s 87 years old mother entered the room. when her only son told her the reason of his misery. she told him to bring a peace of pie from the freezer. when he opened it it was the shock of his life he found stack of money. ran out of the kitchen and kneeled on the floor in front of his mother asking were did she got the money.

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